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6 litter car washing machine, cleaning machine, sprayers

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  • MaterialPET, Aluminum stick

[Qchance Co., Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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{World Best Seller No.1}

Always clean car... automatic car wash...

6 Litters

Hot sale~ wash.cleanning.agricultural chemicals

sprayer !

Only max 5 minuts ok~^^**;;

** fill water in tank, pressure air by handy pump and washing **

electricity No~

wet hands No~

connect to water tap No~

Save 30 times water waste !

# Details;

1. 4m 90cm long water hose (sprayer 1m)-from small cars to RV cars, bus,

truck, etc.

1.     1m~1m 50cm adjustable brush+ pole size-adjusting by needed.

3. 6.8.12 litters various tank sizes for use-full line-up series

4. washing possible by below 50 degree water in winter season-4 seasons

perfect ok

5. PET tank+ABS.aluminum.copper.zinc pole-strong, no rusted forever

6. very soft PET micro brush-no scratch on surface of car...

7. adjustable 4 kinds of water streams lever-various streams by need...

8. 2 step control levers on handy grip-short spray, continous spray

9. improved car hose holder-easy coil a long car hose

10 improved brush pole holder- easy fixing a long pole

11 carrying strap-easy to carry tank

12 all parts-ABS.PET.PVC.aluminum.copper.zinc, etc-perfect anti-rust


13 copper stick for garden.agricultural chemicals spray-easy to

change from brush pole to spray pole

14 option sales-1. micro fiber towel 30x40cm 2 pcs

2. 3 in 1 multi wax-remove dirty.strain.surface coating.brightener.anti-

ultraviolet rays

3. copper pole set for garden spray.agricultural checmicals spray.

# Purpose of X2o...

- many vehicle retention enterprises, taxi.bus enterprises, car washing

service centers

- driver waiting rooms in big buildings.gas service


- trucks, tanks, artilleriy and armors in army bases, airplans on airports,

ships on sea, etc
- toilet floor washing, cleaning of inside water tanks on building, etc

- traffic accident areas, construction sites, pollution decontamination,


- farm.stock farms.villa.condominium, etc

- hotels.used car markets.amusement parks.exhibition halls.transport

cafes, etc